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Designed specifically for women leaders, primarily in the corporate world, who seek to reposition themselves. Your idea of what is possible shifts as your communications become clearer and more effective.

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Take a New Path

Position yourself to find a position that fills more than your need for income -- one that aligns with your desire to contribute differently to the world.

Secure the Next Executive Role

Making it in the executive ranks takes more than luck. It takes a strategy that includes communication, experiences, and knowledge about when to make a move.

Start a New Chapter

Feel like your job is on repeat? It's not too late to get unstuck.  Reposition your career story packed with stellar examples and a renewed approach for what's next.

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Find Your Inner Confidence

Learn tips and tools to effectively communicate who you are and what you need at work and in life. It’s possible for you to have a career that aligns with who you are and makes a difference. You need an experienced guide and a strategy to get to what’s next. Together, we’ll build a plan to help you make confident decisions about your career.

Use Your Story to Reposition Your Career and Life at Any Stage

As a former senior executive, Valerie understands what you face as you seek a life filled with work and personal success. Whether it’s time for a new leadership role or you’re ready for the C-suite, use your story and communications skills effectively to strengthen your reputation as a leader. 

Take the First Step on Your Journey to Change 

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and into your best next career move. 

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