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You know you have something incredible to offer the world and need to articulate it in a compelling way. You’ve come to the right place.

Strategic storytelling can help when...

Strategic storytelling can help when...

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My methods empower you to outline your narrative and persuasively talk about your brand   as memorable, and, most importantly, human.


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“Valerie Danna is the definition of transformative. She see’s what you have trouble saying and creates systems to get the ball rolling. Then keeps it going with unique, personalized checklists that track your progress. Valerie has assisted me with many important aspects of my business from creating a marketing deck for my book, THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE REALLY HUNGRY FOR, to making that deck come alive for my book tour. Valerie will be forever part of my team for as long as she will have me.”

Kim Shapira, M.S., R.D.

celebrity dietitian and nutrition therapist


A great story can propel success

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